Meet Stefania Ferraro, the smile that brightens our Customer Service department

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Stefania Ferraro

Meet Stefania Ferraro, the smile that brightens our Customer Service department

Magic’s customer service department is a place where human warmth and professionalism live together. Here shines the smile of Stefania, one of our customer service employees together with her colleagues Cristina and Paola.

Stefania grew up in Oleggio and carries within her a rich mosaic of origins: the determination of her Venetian father, her mother’s Lombard pragmatism, and the farmers’ soul of her grandparents. Among her most cherished childhood memories are the summers spent among the animals in her grandparents’ farm, with a special affection for cows, silent friends and playmates.

Her grandmother was a guiding light in her life:

“She was my second mum and my ultimate mentor, the first to witness my new discoveries and joys”.

After graduating as a Business Expert and Foreign Language Correspondent, Stefania immediately immersed herself in the professional world, growing professionally in several production companies as a customer service employee.

She joined Magic in 2019 and this marked the beginning of a new professional adventure.
She remembers, from the first impact, the friendliness and authenticity of interpersonal relationships, far from the logic of competition, and a work environment where collaboration and mutual support are a daily routine.

As a customer service employee, her job consists of taking care of customers and accompanying them through all stages of the sales process. In particular, she enjoys being able to establish good relationships, actively listen to requests and solve problems that may arise.

Stefania is an only daughter, that’s why she calls her colleagues Cristina and Paola ” sisters of my heart.

“We are a very close-knit team. I like teamworking when it’s based on shared goals and values. That’s what makes me come to the office willingly every morning and makes every day an opportunity to work with enthusiasm.”

Even out of work, Stefania’s life is full of affection.
She is very close to her parents, and she has been married to Igor since 2005. They are the parents of Viola, their long-desired daughter.

“Viola is a ray of sunshine, the best thing that could happen in our life. She is always smiling and cheerful, and especially open and friendly with everyone.”

Stefania’s leisure time is mainly devoted to her family, with whom she manages to share her personal hobbies and passions, such as bike rides in the countryside, and then trips and holidays whenever possible.
For her, both the mountains and the sea are places of her heart.
Whether in front of the immensity of the sea or in the stillness of the mountains, Stefania reconnects with herself.
Next to her beloved ones, she enjoys being immersed in the silence, where the only background noise is the sound of nature.

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