Meet Marco Arzani, our Spongel line operator

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Marco Arzani

Meet Marco Arzani, our Spongel line operator

Marco is a native of Oleggio. Born in 1968, he is proud of telling about being born at home, possibly one of the last of his generation.
He fondly recalls the days of his childhood, a once-in-a-lifetime period of fun and games he spent with his grandmother and the family’s faithful dog, the first in a series of four-legged friends that would always be a part of his life.


After graduating from high school, he enrolled in law school, but soon realized that kind of studies were not for him. He therefore decided to join the military service to clear his mind.
The goal was achieved: right after his discharge, he began working in Milan in a company dealing with dynamic communications as operations office manager. There, he worked for 28 years, enduring four hours of commuting each day.
The sudden closure of the company marked for him a transition and cooling-off period which, however, turned out to be a great opportunity. He discovered the joy of being a full-time dad to his three children and the chance of enriching his view of the working world with a variety of jobs very different from his former professional experience.


In 2019 Marco joined Magic.
Those were the days of the first tests of the revolutionary super-absorbent Spongel powder and the start-up of Airgel production line.
He immediately became enthusiastic about this phase of research and development, in a work environment that corresponds with his values of fairness, cooperation and teamwork.
As a Spongel line operator, his role involves managing the whole operational phase of the machinery, from the composition of raw materials to the finished and packaged product.

“I am fond of Spongel: it was exciting to see its birth. I feel like the custodian of a process that also bears my signature.”


Marco is married to Marika. They are the parents of Maela, Manuele and Matteo, the youngest in the house, with whom he shares a passion for basketball. He has travelled extensively around the world and has visited practically all of Italy for work and tourism.

“Having two children who are now grown up, I often miss the times when we used to go on family vacations. Those were moments of pure joy, which I experienced again last summer when we managed to go to the mountains all together once-more.”


Apart from his family, Marco’s life is enriched by many activities and interests.
The active volunteering with AVIS, of which he has been a donor for years; the pleasure of cultivating friendships, both old and recent ones; and a passion for sports. While soccer and tennis, played since childhood, are now memories of the past, today cycling, running and fit walking make him feel well and active.
Then there are books and movies, windows to the world for someone who, like him, sees life as a journey of discovery and every day as an opportunity to learn something new.

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