Meet Mario Aurelio, one of our cutting-line operators

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Mario Aurelio

Meet Mario Aurelio, one of our cutting-line operators

Mario is originally from Cagnano Varano, a charming village in the Gargano National Park in Apulia, with a breathtaking view of the sea.

After attending scientific high school for two years, he decided to take a new direction and attended professional courses in mechanics, electrical engineering, and office automation.

His thirst for adventure took him first to Amsterdam, where he lived and worked for six months, a formative experience that later led him to stay in Germany and Switzerland. He then returned to his homeland, where he found work in the food industry.

In 1988 Mario made an encounter that was destined to change his life.
During the summer he met Angela, who was on holiday in the Gargano at that time, and it was love at first sight: after only four months he moved to Piedmont, immediately found a job, and decided to start a family with her.

Initially, this change was quite traumatic, I missed my family, friends, and the sea. But I was determined to stay close to Angela who, together with her family, supported me and made me feel at home.

In January 2005, he arrived at Magic, which had only around 30 employees at that time. He remembers a family atmosphere, with excellent relations between colleagues and a special harmony with founder Luciano Giani and his son Mauro, who are very much involved in the company.

After holding various jobs over the years, Mario is now working as a cutting-line operator. His job is to transform a semi-finished product into a finished product, package it, and then make it ready for shipment. What he loves the most about his job is being able to contribute to the success of the company through teamwork.
On the other hand, he has always appreciated Magic’s constant drive towards change and innovation, because this vision has allowed it to grow over time.

Mario and Angela together with their sons Michele and Alessandro are a very close-knit family.

My family is my life, my refuge, and my yardstick. Angela is the perfect other half of the apple for me, I was lucky to meet her. I try to spend as much time as possible with her and the boys, simple and carefree moments of chatting and sharing.

One of Mario’s greatest passions is music, a love he has cultivated since childhood when he dreamed of becoming a famous singer. He took singing, guitar, and keyboard lessons and began performing at parties and events, proposing a wide repertoire of songs by Italian songwriters. He is currently the singer and frontman in a live tribute band to Rino Gaetano, with whom he shares the same scratchy voice and light-hearted spirit on stage.

Mario other passion in his spare time is watching 1960s Italian comedy films, especially those with De Sica, Mastroianni, and Giannini because they depict everyday life in Italy in a very genuine way.

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