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In an old VHS tape stored in our archives, Luciano Giani tells: “I was watching my wife who was unwrapping a chicken breast she had just bought at the supermarket. With a knife she removed sticky scraps of absorbing paper. This image gave me the idea”.

The founder laminated a microperforated film with the absorbent paper and produced the first pad for the food packaging industry. The great producers of fresh meat packed in trays were immediately enthusiastic about it.

In 1987 Magic was born. Many other hunches marked its path, minor innovative insights that came silently into people’s lives, but that all can be traced back to an origin: the lamination of absorbent layers.

Magic srl

Absorbing by innovating

Any excess fluids represents a critical issue in the sectors our company is operating today:

in the food packaging industry they undermine the freshness of the packaged food;

in the medical industry they limit surgery operation procedures;

in the industrial environment they threaten the safety at work;

for personal care they are a discomfort to be solved.

Each area needs specific absorption capacity products. Providing these suitable products is the challenge to which we devote all our energy.

Because innovation is an ambitious game which is played on several fields.

Technological research

Between 2016 and 2020 we invested 10.500 hours in research and development activities, by testing different materials, simulating processes, analysing and comparing the results.

The choice of materials

The steady performance reliability over time depends on the quality of the raw materials. We carefully select and check the materials, we verify their integrity and compliance to the standards. From the beginning of 2020 to today, 26 new products have been approved in our laboratories.

The production process

Magic’s core is made up of a 15 production lines plant that works 24 hours a day. In 2020 two specific lines were added for the production of Airgel, a biodegradable airlaid: that was a further step in our recent history because from converter we also became airlaid producers.

Compliance with legal requirements

We operate in an industry subject to complex and changing regulations. Our steady regulatory updating, the compliance with quality standards and legal requirements, our attention to safety processes are issues on which we do not yield for our brand, employees and customers protection.


Our commitment has grown over the years. At first with the certification of processes and with the adoption of low-impact processes, then with an increasingly conscious selection of the materials and finally with the introduction of Spongel, a 100% organic absorbent powder which is OK Compost certified.

The human heritage

We are a small community whose relationships are based on sharing, listening and respect; a group that lives, enhances and grows through experiences, mistakes and goals achieved. We invest in training and welfare so that belonging to Magic is satisfying for those who work there and attractive for those who want to “get on board”. Since the beginning of the pandemic our business has never stopped, that’s why we have been providing an annual bonus to our employees, who have also been offered an ad hoc health insurance. In 2020 we devoted an entire line to the production of about 50.000 safety masks, which were able to meet the needs of the area during this emergency.


New ways to do better

We produce absorbent products that are mostly used in the food packaging, medical and personal care industries. We would like the market to talk about us for the innovative contribution to the sector: it is the idea that drives our choices. We devote assets and time to research and product development in order to find a new way to improve what has always been done.
Enthusiasm, passion, creativity is the fuel, people the engine: we foster talent so that everyone's qualities become everyone's benefits.


Testing, experimenting, innovating

Technical knowledge and excellent production methods: these are the cornerstones of all the companies whose aim is innovation, the bedrocks values in the evolutionary processes that our history tells. We always test, experiment, update on a concrete basis always trying to satisfy our customer’s needs. Our customers ask for high- performance products, resource optimization, environmental impact reduction. We are aware of our goals and find the right way in pursuing them.


Tradition belongs to our family

Mr. Mauro Giani and Mrs. Mara Galli, respectively Magic’s CEO and CFO, are cousins. They take up the challenge of the founder Mr. Luciano Giani by sharing the same commitment and vision. A business management in the name of entrepreneurial continuity and family ethics.

In 2023 Sviluppo Sostenibile, a private equity fund specialized in investments in Italian SMEs with the promotion of ESG issues, managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR, has acquired a majority stake in Magic.


Towards an eco-responsible industry

Today's companies commitment of is to act by respecting both the environment and its community, having an active social role and being a cultural and ethic reference point.

Our history

  1. Magic foundation

    In the mid 80s Luciano Giani and his son Mauro, then 24, founded Magic, a company operating in the lamination of absorbent tissues. The headquarters are in Oleggio (Novara).


  2. Meatpad is patented

    Launch of the patented product Meatpad in the food packaging industry. Magic wins the Packaging Oscar in the “Production” category


  3. The headquarters

    The company moved to a new 1200 sm headquarters. The covered area was increased to 2700 sm in 2004. Even today the unit is part of the buildings that make up the production site.


  4. Launching production for the medical industry

    Magic enters the medical sector with disposable materials and products both for dressing and hospital, especially conceived for the operating theaters.


  5. UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification

    Magic obtainen ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for Quality Management Systems (SGQ)


  6. Launching production for the personal care industry

    Magic expands its offer by starting the production of disposable sanitary and personal care products.


  7. Fire at the production plant

    A terrible fire devastates the production unit in Marano Ticino but does not stop Magic's entrepreneurial spirit


  8. Headquarters expansion

    Magic keeps growing and further expands the covered area of its headquarters to 5800 square meters


  9. BRC-IOP Certification

    Magic achieves another important milestone by obtaining BRC-IOP certification, a recognition of quality in the food packaging industry


  10. Spongel patent licence

    Magic acquires the patent licence for Spongel, biodegradable and compostable super-absorbent powder


  11. Further expansion and awards

    This year is marked by a further expansion of the covered area to 8800 square metres and saw Spongel win first prize in the Raw Materials and Innovation category at the Index Awards in Geneva


  12. Spongel enters the production phase

    The installation of the first Spongel plant consolidates Magic’s commitment to delivering sustainable and innovative solutions, ushering in a new era of absorbent products


  13. Airgel plant

    With the installation of the new Queen plant, Magic starts production of Airgel, a highly absorbent airlaid that contains the biodegradable super-absorbent powder Spongel


  14. Launch of Airgel g-grade

    Magic introduces an Ok Compost-certified biodegradable and compostable airlaid, thereby reaffirming its commitment to innovation and eco-sustainability


  15. The introduction of g-pad

    An OK Compost-certified compostable food absorbent pad that, at the end of its life cycle, can be disposed of with the household organic waste fraction


  16. Sviluppo Sostenibile invests in Magic

    The private equity fund specialized in investments in Italian SMEs managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR, a company of the De Agostini Group of Novara, acquires a majority stake in Magic.