Compostable food pad

This revolutionary absorbing pad was inspired and conceived according to the principles of the circular economy, so that the pad at the end of its lifecycle can be disposed with household organic waste for industrial composting.
G-pad, the compostable absorbing pad, simplifies consumers’ experience by supporting proper recycling.


g-pad in detail

G-pad is the natural outcome of Spongel – Magic’s patented compostable super absorbent powder – and Airgel g-grade – compostable airlaid – both certified OK Compost.
The pad combines Airgel g-grade with a compostable film trough a hot bonding process: no glue, no chemical additives, no adhesive are used. The upper micro-perforated trilobed layer guarantees a perfect and immediate drainage of the liquid released by the packaged food, then preserving its freshness and increasing its shelf-life.


Why choose g-pad, the compostable absorbing pad:

Wide choice of sizes (cut, shaped and in reels)

Compostable micro-perforated trilobed film in white, red and black colour

Absorption capacities from 800 to 2000 gr/sqm (0,2% saline solution)

It can be disposed with household organic waste and recovered through industrial composting

It helps in producing thigh quality compost thanks to the absorbed organic fluids

This product contains Airgel g-grade

The compostable airlaid witho no chemical absorbing additives certified OK Compost

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