Super absorbent non-slip mat

Fourstop is an anti-slip superabsorbent mat, designed to absorb liquids at hospital, especially in the operating theaters, next to surgical sinks, and sterilisation areas.


Fourstop in detail

The top layer consists of a transparent three-dimensional perforated film with conical cones; it provides a fast and widespread absorption by preventing the reflux of liquids kept by the inner layer of cellulose.
The non-slip and waterproof bottom layer reduces slip and keeps the floor dry, even during surgical operations in which large quantities of liquids are wasted. It also helps reduce the cleaning time of the surgical theatre.


Why to choose Fourstop:

Absorption capacity from 1600 to 5000 gr/mq (H2O)

Available in reels 90 cm height and 50 / 30 linear meter length.

Available in customized cut sizes.

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