Meet Chiara Rollini, our Sales Front Office Assistant

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Chiara Rollini

Meet Chiara Rollini, our Sales Front Office Assistant

Chiara has her roots in Oleggio, where she grew up in the family home in the hills. Childhood gave her the privilege of spending a lot of time outdoors; nature became a playmate and taught her to value the little joys in life.

After high school studies in International Relations for Marketing, she graduated in Tourism Promotion and Management at the University of Eastern Piedmont. Her choice initially was not driven by a specific professional goal, but rather by the desire to refine the subjects that had most engaged her in the previous cycle of studies.

2019 marked the beginning of her professional adventure at Magic, where she arrived for a training internship and began working as a receptionist.
The early days were a whirlwind of new experiences, but what she remembers most fondly is the warm embrace of her colleagues, ready to help her and make her feel part of the team.
Her commitment, precision, and reliability did not go unnoticed, and in 2021 she joined the Sales Office as a front office assistant.
Her role consists of responding to customer requests, drafting quotations and preparing all the necessary documentation.

What I like about my job the most is the attention to details: presenting the perfect offer for the customer’s needs is very satisfying for me.

However, it is not only the work itself that she is passionate about Magic. It is the environment, the harmony among colleagues, and the quality of human relationships that make every day special.

Chiara is very close to her family, and recently her sister Claudia made her the aunt of baby Diego.

His smile and progress, shared games and laughs are must-have moments for me.

There is another aspect of her life that keeps her always on the move: athletics, which she has practiced since the age of 10.
Her disciplines are long jump and sprint, which have given her many medals when she was a junior and prompted her to stay in the sport to earn her title as an instructor.

 Athletics is a sport of hard work, commitment, discipline. As an individual sport, it taught me to be responsible for successes and failures; I use to apply the same in life as well.

And then there is pastry, in which she is perfecting herself by taking courses. An art she finds relaxing, in which every gesture, quantity and time become a ritual of perfection.

And finally, there is one place that holds a special place in her heart, Trentino. Whenever she can, she takes refuge among its breathtaking landscapes, to go trekking and to enjoy the authenticity of small things and human relationships: everything there seems simpler and more genuine to her.