Absorbent laminate for surgery drapes

Medilam range is designed for the protection of the patient and for the surface covering in the operating theater.
In compliance with EN13795, the products are made up of 2 or more layers, laminated with hot-melt technology.

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Medilam in detail

Medilam is the result of a long experience acquired in the lamination processes and a steady commitment in research and development. Lots of materials are used in the manufactoring of these products, also available in self-adhesive version.
The production flexibility allows to offer different kinds of products: from duplex and triplex laminates for basic drapes, to complex laminated reinforcement drapes (with tubular film) and to design customised products upon customer’s request.


Why to choose Medilam:

Medilam is available in reels up to 2000 mm height; reinforcement drapes up to 1950 mm height.

Drapes are available in reels up to 2000 mm height; reinforcement drape up to 1950 mm height.

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