Responsibility and integrity: the importance of 231 Model

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Responsibility and integrity: the importance of 231 Model

In a corporate world increasingly focused on sustainability and social responsibility, Magic is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and legal compliance.
In this very context the adoption of Model 231 represents a fundamental pillar of our governance strategy.

Legislative Decree 231 of 2001 introduced the administrative liability of legal entities in Italy. The adoption of this model thus strengthens our commitment to ethical and transparent management.

231 Model as a governance tool

231 Model is designed to prevent the commission of crimes by creating a system of internal control that first assesses and classifies risk areas, and then monitors them. At Magic, we customized the model to reflect the values and specific activities of our company, in order to ensure that all our actions are guided by principles of legality, integrity and respect.

231 Model benefits

By adopting 231 Model, Magic enhanced its corporate reputation and reliability. This system positively impacts on corporate reputation and strengthens the trust of customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. 
In addition, clarity and transparency of the model contribute to establishing a safer and more motivating work environment for our employees.

The pillars of 231 Model
  1. Prevention: implementation of procedures to minimize the risk of unethical or illegal behaviour.
  2. Control: constant monitoring of company activities to ensure compliance with laws and internal.
  3. Training: ongoing education on Model 231 principles and the related individual responsibilities.
  4. Responsiveness: clear procedures for managing and reporting violations.
The importance of an effective Supervisory Body

A key element of 231 Model is the Supervisory Body (SB), charged with overseeing the implementation and effectiveness of the model. At Magic, the SB is a collegiate body composed of independent external members, thereby ensuring full autonomy in the audits to be performed.
The body’s activity is not limited to supervision but extends to advice and continuous support to ensure that every action is consistent with the Organisational Model and the Code of Ethics, as well as with the principles of ethical conduct outlined in these documents.

Towards a sustainable and responsible future

By adopting 231 Model, Magic reaffirms its commitment to governance which not only complies with laws but actively promotes a culture of integrity and transparency. 
This is part of the broader context of our ESG initiatives, which aim at creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders. 
Nowadays, doing business means pursuing not only economic success but also creating social value and well-being.

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