Cellulose-based absorbent pad for fruits

Paperpad is a plastic free cellulose-based absorbent pad.
With only 0,5% hot melt on both layers, it can be recycled through the paper stream and complies with food contact suitability standards.


Paperpad in detail

It was created and optimized for cardboard punnets and trays: no orientation is required, as the pad absorbs from both layers, so it is suitable for different application processes.
The quick absorption of liquid prevents the formation of mold and inhibits microbiological growth. Sorbate addition helps to prolong the product shelf life and inhibits bacteria contamination.
Paperpad allows for safe transport and storage and provides an effective mechanical protection for shielding the fruits from external shocks.


Why chose Paperpad:

Wide choice of sizes (cut, shaped and in reels)

Embossed cellulose layer available in black and red colors

Absorption capacity of 800 gr/sqm (0.2 % saline solution)

It can be recycled through the paper stream

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