The pad designed for vacuum skin packaging

The kind of materials Skinpad is made of ensures that the absorbent does not stick neither to the vacuum packed product, nor to the top film, thus facilitating the opening of the package and preserving the packaging from breakage and tearing.


Skinpad in detail

The micro-perforated top layer guarantees a total and immediate drainage of the liquids that are mainly produced by the pressure suffered by the food during the vacuum packaging process. Liquids are then absorbed and retained in the pad core, also thanks to the retention capacity of the bottom layer.
Inside the package there are no excess liquids, which could easily drain during the opening.


Why choose Skinpad:

Wide choice of sizes (cut, shaped and in reels)

Micro-perforated nonwoven in black color

Absorption capacities from 800 to over 7000 gr/sqm (0,2% saline solution)

Questo prodotto contiene Airgel

L’airlaid eco-friendly senza additivi assorbenti chimici

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