Bio-compatible absorbent pad

The absorbent pads for plasters, adhesive dressings, eye pads, non-adherent dressing pads and other adhesive dressings.


Medipad in detail

Medipad is made up of 2 or more laminated layers obtained through the hot-melt technology. The first layer provides a fast and homogeneous absorption; it can consist of a three-dimensional perforated film. Thanks to its conical holes, it keeps leaves the skin dry and clean and avoids any direct contact between the absorbing layer and the wound.; as an alternative, It can consists of a non-stick spunbonded PP nonwoven. The absorbing layer is available in 2 different materials: airlaid or nonwoven. Airlaid shows high absorbing capacities even in very thin structures and therefore it is suitable for small plasters; nonwoven is suitable for the production of post-op dressings, as it is a very soft and compact material ensuring comfort and mechanical protection. Medipad products can be treated by using haemostatic and antiseptic solutions.


Why to choose Medipad

Available in reels from 10 to 45 mm height and in jumbo reels 900 mm height.

Outside diameter from 400 to 600 mm

Core 76 mm (3”) - Available in cut sizes too.

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