Safety and cleaning

Tiptap range

Super absorbent mats and cloths for safety and cleaning in the workplaces

Tiptip is a product line specially designed for the absorption and collection of excess fluids. It offers a solution to the different needs of specific workplaces, such as the decrease of slipping accidents, the reduction of cleaning times and costs, the maintenance of clean and dry surfaces.


Super absorbent anti slip mat

Lots of accidents at work are caused by slipping; the most common cause is the presence of liquids or viscous materials on the floor.
Multimat offers a great absorption capacity of liquids such as water, oil, solvents, alcohol and no-aggressive chemical products, ensuring cost and time savings for cleaning operations.
Thanks to its versatility of use, it is the best solution for working environments such as department stores, bar, kitchens, airports, schools, workshops and wherever wet floors can represent a danger.

The top layer consists of nonwoven fabric; thanks to its conic micro-holes, it allows a fast liquid absorption while keeping the surface dry. The central layer is made up of cellulose so as to ensure a high absorption.

The bottom layer consists of an impermeable plastic film with anti-slip treatment, so that the risk of slipping is significantly reduced.

The mat features, together with its absorbent structure and the high mechanical properties, make this product a safety device to prevent slipping accidents due to leaks and spills, to protect the surfaces and to reduce the costs of cleaning operations.

Available in rolls 90 cm height x 10 m length or 90 cm height x 30 m length.

Absorption capacity: 25 l (10 m roll) and 75 l (30 m roll)


Industrial super absorbent mat

Duramat is an anti-slip absorbent mat, designed for industrial areas where there is a high carts and forklifts passage or even near burs and lathes.

All industrial liquids, such as hydrocarbons and derivatives, oils and solvents, lubricants and water, are quickly absorbed whereas the mat surface is kept dry and safe.

The tecnical features of the mat, together with its absorbent structure and its high mechanical properties, make this product a safety device to prevent slipping accidents due to leaks and spills, by protecting the surfaces and reducing the costs of the cleaning operations.

Color: black

Available in roll 90 cm h x 30 linear meter.

Absorption capacity: 25 l


Super absorbent disposable cloth

Capsorb absorbs large amounts of liquids very quickly, making all surfaces immediately dry and safe.

Thanks to its structure the liquids are retained and dripping is prevented. The convenient central fold helps remove and manage the wet cloth, so that the product disposal takes place in total safety without direct contact with the absorbed substances and therefore it can prevent any type of contamination.

Color: light blue

45 x 30 cm cloth, absorption capacity 1 l

30 x 30 cm cloth, absorption capacity 0,50 l


Three-layer super absorbent disposable cloth

Unisorb is a practical, convenient device and quick to install near greasy and oil dripping areas. It can be placed under greasy tools to protect the worktops.

It guarantees a very high absorbency of all liquids, such as oil, grease, solvents and water.

Its structure consists of a triple layer PP micro-drilled nonwoven fabric, with a super absorbent cellulose core. Unisorb shows an absorption capacity of 3 l/sm and a very high resistance, even when totally saturated.

Color: black

Size: 45x38 cm

Absorption capacity: 0,65 l/cloth


Cargopad, the absorbent mat for cargo transport

Cargopad is an absorbent mat specifically designed for cargo transport.

It can very quickly absorb any liquid released by the freight such as fresh and frozen foodstuffs, beverages, animal bodily fluids and many more.

Its use preserves the integrity of the aircraft floor, preventing damage and related corrosion. It also simplifies the cleaning of the hold at the end of the trip and significantly reduces cleaning time.

It consists of a top layer made of airlaid – Airgel, which contains the super-absorbent powder Spongel produced by Magic – capable of absorbing and retaining up to 4 litres of liquid per square metre.  A thin film of impermeable PE film on the bottom layer prevents liquids from passing through onto the aircraft floor.

Color: white

Size: 180/120 cm h x 80 ml reels. Customized formats on demand.

Absorption capacity: up to 4 litres/sqm