Airgel, the new line of sustainable airlaids

Creating this new airlaids is the latest step in our company’s approach to eco-sustainability.

After the release of Airgel, the high absorption airlaid containing Spongel, Magic’s range expands with Airgel g-grade, biodegradable and compostable airlaid certified Ok Compost.


How this innovative airlaid was born

Many hours of R&D, along with significant prior expertise, led to a first turning point in 2015 with the release of Spongel, the super absorbent compostable powder with no chemical additives, certified OK Compost by TUV Austria too. A production plant is then planned and implemented for the development of advanced absorbent materials. It was a fundamental step in the evolving process that led us to innovate the airlaid industry with Airgel g-grade and to contribute to a revolutionary change in food packaging applications. Until now, the structure of absorbent materials implied the aid of thermoplastic fibres and, in general, of chemical finishing; Airgel g-grade only uses fibres of sustainable and renewable origin. The absorption performance is the same as for the super absorbent products usually available in the market but with undeniable benefits for the environment.

Ultimate performance and many benefits

Airgel e Airgel g- grade absorb more than 20 times their weight.

A 2,5L cellulose pad weighs approximately 200 g/ sqm, while Airgel reach 2,2L absorption peak in just 90 g /sqm.

They reach retention levels 15/20% higher than SAF based products and 30% higher than cellulose ones.

They are much lighter than cellulose pads, therefore with considerable advantages in terms of production, logistics and environment.

Airgel airlaids are much more eco-friendly compared to SAF and SAP based materials, because they are chemical free and in case of G-grade compostable

They offer great value for money.

Main applications

In 2021 Magic has started a product switching involving the most part of its food packaging pad range. At present laminated products with biodegradable films are under test for creating completely biodegradable pads.

Medical and hygienic solutions

Main points of strenght: high absorption and retention capacity under load; constant absorption over time and therefore much more suitable to the needs of application; the chance to optimize the absorbing core and its level of absorption helps in reducing material waste and environmental impact.

Other applications




Home and industrial hygiene and cleaning

Management of bio-waste

Funeral industry

Construction and civil engineering

Airgel, eco-friendly innovation

Airgel and Airgel g-grade, solutions coming from Spongel formula

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