Meet Carmelo Lombardo, Magic’s Area Sales manager

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Carmelo Lombardo

Meet Carmelo Lombardo, Magic’s Area Sales manager

Carmelo was born in Cuggiono, a small town on Ticino River in the province of Milan. Son of Calabrian parents, he inherited the value of family unity, with a firm belief in the importance of protecting, supporting and helping his loved ones.

Carmelo’s childhood is a collection of happy moments, especially those spent during the long summers in Calabria at his grandparents.

“From those times I remember the sea, good food, the village festivals, and the many cousins and friends I would meet again every year.”

After graduating, Carmelo started working as a ramp officer at Malpensa airport, because he didn’t want to burden his family financially to support his university studies.
He entered the Faculty of Oriental Languages specialising in Chinese and became so fond of his studies that he decided to take one year off to study at Peking University, an experience that was extremely formative academically and, above all, personally.

Upon his return, he graduated, quit his job and moved to London, where he worked for two years as a customer service assistant in a gaming company.
However, he missed Italy and decided to come back and put all the experience he had gained to good use. He then started working in Fiera Milano as a sales manager, a role that allowed him to feed his passion for foreign languages and cultures.
He worked there for 15 years until, in search of new professional motivation, he came to Magic in 2024: his challenge was to sell products rather than the services he had previously offered.

There he found a friendly and collaborative working environment, a context that fosters his empathetic spirit and his natural inclination to understand the others’ needs.
His role is to develop new markets and consolidate the existing ones; his strategy is to implement win-win relationships built on empathy and mutual understanding.

Carmelo is married to Ilaria, with whom he has built a family on the shared values of unity and commitment. They are the parents of Zelia and Cloe, two ‘little brats’ who fill their lives with happiness and enthusiasm.

“For them, I am a cook, a playmate, the storyteller of bedtime tales, and many other things”,
Carmelo says while his eyes are twinkling.

In the limited spare time he has apart the one spent with his family, Carmelo enjoys gardening and cultivating vegetables and fruit trees, a passion handed down to him by his father. This activity, which relaxes him and keeps him connected to nature, reminds him of the importance of deeply respecting physical work, as his father, a factory worker, taught him, along with the dignity and value of all kinds of work.

“I was lucky to have had the opportunity to travel a lot for study and then for work. It made me realise that we are all different and special, therefore deserving to be respected despite cultural differences”.

Empathy, active listening and curiosity are the pillars of how Carmelo relates to others. These are the cornerstones of his daily life for building meaningful human relationships both personally and professionally.

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