Technological research

Our innovative contribution to the industry

Spongel | 100% organic super absorbent powder

It is used in the food packaging sector and for hygiene and personal care products. It is made of biodegradable raw materials and additives.

Airgel g-grade | Compostable airlaid

An eco-friendly airlaid. It doesn’t contain any chemical additives, while ensuring high absorbing performances.

g-pad | Compostable absorbent pad

The compostable absorbent food pad that at the end of its lifecycle can be disposed with household organic waste for idustrial composting.

The production

Our absorbing solutions

Any excess fluid represents a critical issue in the sectors our company is operating today

  • in the food packaging industry they undermine the freshness of the packaged food;
  • in the medical industry they limit surgery operation procedures;
  • in the industrial environment they threaten the safety at work;
  • for personal care they are a discomfort to be solved.

Each area needs specific absorption capacity products. Providing these suitable products is the challenge to which we devote all our energy.

Because innovation is an ambitious game which is played on several fields.

Towards an eco-responsible industry

Our history

It all starts with an idea

In an old VHS tape stored in our archives, Luciano Giani tells: “I was watching my wife who was unwrapping a chicken breast she had just bought at the supermarket. With a knife she removed sticky scraps of absorbing paper. This image gave me the idea”.

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