Magic’s concrete path towards ESG criteria integration

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Magic’s concrete path towards ESG criteria integration

In an era where the word “sustainability” risks losing its meaning, for Magic this represents a concrete and measurable commitment. Our company is strongly focused on integrating ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria into its business decisions, ensuring they guide every action towards more environmentally friendly practices, social equity, and transparent governance. A significant step in this direction was the appointment of Mara Galli, CEO and CFO, as ESG Manager by the Board of Directors on November 7, 2023. This decision marks a strategic shift, aiming at mitigating risks and seizing opportunities in order to protect and enhance corporate value. We explored this topic with Mara Galli, one of the Board members, who is leading the company along the path of responsible innovation.

What actions did Magic take to integrate ESG criteria?

Magic took significant and consistent steps towards the integration of ESG criteria: a commitment that is not only in mere words but by concrete and measurable actions. A clear example is the achievement of ISO 14001 certification, whose process involved the whole company organisation for over 10 months. We also achieved a two-star legality rating, which is a sign of our reliability to our business and financial partners. These major goals were complemented by adding new insurance coverages, consistent with our vision to proactively responding to emerging risks and support. These include an environmental coverage, allowing us to deal more safely with any incidents that may impact the environment; a cyber risk coverage, to protect and defend against growing cyber threats; and an extended work injury insurance, to provide greater security to our employees and their families.

What are the next steps?

Magic started collaborating with CNR-STIIMA, the Institute of Intelligent Industrial Systems and Technologies for Advanced Manufacturing. Preliminary LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) analysis have been undertaken to assess the environmental impact of the raw materials of our sustainable products. These include Spongel and Airgel g-grade, both OK Compost certified. Although we are at an early stage, the results are promising: they will help develop further strategies, optimize processes, and expand collaboration with partners who share our sustainability vision. In the meantime, we started an Energy Audit in collaboration with M&G Engineering Consulting srl, a company specialized in energy and plant engineering. The process allowed us to enhance our energy awareness and set out along a virtuous path of efficiency improvement. This process includes evaluating the realisation of a photovoltaic system to be built in 2025. Magic, thus, confirms its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a green and sustainable future.

What are the challenges you are facing and how are you overcoming them?

The process of effectively integrating ESG principles involves considerable challenges, especially in terms of cultural change and technological innovation. Magic is adopting a pragmatic approach, with the support of specialised companies such as ERM, by setting realistic and measurable goals, and by promoting a corporate culture that fosters both transparency and social responsibility.

What will ESG integration mean for Magic’s reputation on the market?

Commitment to ESG principles is crucial not only for business ethics, but also for competitiveness in the marketplace. We have, therefore, developed an ambitious three-year plan, including the adoption of the 231 Model, reinforcing our commitment to human resources and aligning with the principles of the UN 2030 Agenda. We believe the actions we have undertaken will strengthen our market position and contribute to building trust with customers, partners and investors. We believe the actions we have undertaken will strengthen our market position and contribute to building trust with customers, partners and investors.

Mara Galli’s remarks highlight a corporate commitment marked by measurable results, innovations and a forward-looking vision. Magic’s actions aim at being a model of responsibility which creates value for the community too. Through concrete actions, Magic wants to be an active player in the global dialogue for an environmentally and socially conscious future.

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