Super absorbent biodegradable compostable powder

Spongel shows absorption and retention values hugely higher than the most bio-based SAPs currently available on the market. Thanks to its organic components, its application is safe, in the food, medical and hygienic-sanitary sectors.

In 2015 a university study showed the possibility of producing a super absorbent powder without any chemical additives. Magic deeply believed in the project and in a few years it implemented and tested a process and a production plant.

In 2017 Spongel won Edana Index Awards in the category “Raw materials and innovation”, the highest award for the best excellence examples in the industry.

At the beginning of 2020 it was certified OK COMPOST.


We transform raw materials into innovation


Technical features

As it is well-known, the most natural-based SAPs (Super Absorbent Powder) mainly show a good absorption capacity with zero pressure, whereas high absorptions under load is still a main characteristic of acrylate-based SAPs.

Spongel shows free swell capacity (FSC) values in saline solution up to 70 g/g and absorption under load (AUL) values up to 20 g/g.

As regards the fluid retention capacity after the centrifugation of the swollen SAP (CRC- centrifugation retention capacity), Spongel surprisingly shows CRC values around 35 g/g, which is very close to the best acrylic-based SAPs values.

Main applications

As a natural alternative to traditional acrylic-based SAPs or as an absorption capacity booster of pure cellulose materials, which are then optimized.

Baby diapers, sanitary pads, incontinence products, when there is a need to significantly increase the absorbing capacity of pure cellulose structures or of other biodegradable materials, both in terms of free and under-load absorptions, and in terms of the retention capacity of the absorbed fluids.

Other applications

Medical and healthcare: i.e. bandages and gauzes for burns and wounds;

Agriculture: i.e. to control water and fertilizer absorption, distribution and storage;

Power and communication cables: i.e. to insulate and to prevent water seeping along the cable;

Logistics: i.e to prodece absorbing materials which can limit spillage damages and condensation formation;

Waste material disposal: i.e. to collect and solidify domestic or industrial wastes.

Spongel shows a very high absorbing capacity


A single formula, several versions for different absorption needs

Thanks to constant research and development commitment, Spongel formula is available in different versions, each one for a specific use.

Different ingredient dosages create suitable performance for free and under pressure absorption, always ensuring an excellent retention capacity.

Innovations in progress: the addition of natural antibacterial agents is currently being tested; it will allow to increase the shelf-life of food and to develop an effective odor control system.

Free swell capacity
Absorption under load

Spongel formula gave life to Airgel

The high absorption biodegradable airlaid

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