Food always fresh and preserved longer

Bondpad is a second generation eco-sustainable food pad. It is the result of continuous Magic R&D commitment and contains an ecological absorbing core.


Bondpad in detail

The upper layer, obtained through the combination of hot-bonding and hot-drilling processes, guarantees a perfect and immediate drainage of the liquid released by the packaged food, then preserving its freshness and increasing its shelf-life. In addition, the embossing process allows a significant reduction in the product thickness while maintaining the same absorption of traditional pads.


Why choose Bondpad:

Wide choice of sizes (cut, shaped and in reels)

Top films in a wide range of colors

Absorption capacities from 800 to 8000 gr/sqm (0,2% saline solution)

This product contains Airgel

The eco-friendly airlaid with no chemical additivives

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