Meet Beppe Festa, our Area Sales Manager

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Meet Beppe Festa, our Area Sales Manager

Beppe was born in Milan and grew up with his parents and two brothers in Cologno Monzese. Immediately after graduating from high school, he joined the family business that distributes building materials and took care of sales and customer service; he was very enthusiastic about this job, because it focused on interpersonal relationships.

However, at the age of thirty-six, he felt the need to change his life.
On one of his many trips to Northern Europe, he fell in love with Scotland and decided to move there. He first worked in customer support at Cisco Systems and after a few years as a sales manager at a multinational company selling sanitary absorbents for industrial application.
It was here that he first met Magic: the company impressed him with its dynamism and empathetic approach to customers and suppliers.

Beppe continued to look for new challenges: he became interested in health and safety issues, enrolled in a university master’s programme and obtained the Nebosh qualification, a prestigious international accreditation in occupational health and safety.

His career development was at another turning point, but his responsibilities for the family business forced him to return to Italy. He accepted but continued to think about his life in Scotland.
He had an idea: he approached Magic to propose a development project in the UK and Northern European market. After reaching an agreement, he set off again, dividing his life between Italy and the country he had decided to live in.

Magic first impressed me with the entrepreneurial charisma of Luciano Giani, the founder of the company. He was my mentor who always had an open ear, advised me and, above all, supported his employees in challenging times. I remember him with affection and appreciation.

Today, Beppe works for Magic as Sales Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe: He maintains contacts with existing customers and strives to win new ones. What he appreciates about his job is the consistency that comes with business negotiations with clients; challenges do not hold him back:

Each client is unique, requires focused attention and needs to be serviced according to his specific socio-cultural standards.

He shares Magic’s innovative focus on sustainability, always looking to the future and protecting the next generations.

In his free time, he has many interests. He loves outdoor activities: hiking, camping, fishing, nature photography – nothing makes him as happy as being in touch with nature.

And then there are his friends, the Italian ones, the Scottish ones and those he has met on his many travels and with whom he has built relationships over time. With them he shares convivial moments: good food and conversation, fun and music. And then there is the time he devotes to Milan AC, the team of his heart, a passion that has accompanied him since childhood.
He loves to sing and is learning to play the guitar.

Beppe believes in the value of relationships, another reason why he likes his work:

I was born under the sign of Leo: I can give my heart to others, but I also expect the same. I always hope that no one will abuse my trust.

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