Meet Ginevra Landino, our Quality Manager

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Ginevra Landino

Meet Ginevra Landino, our Quality Manager

Ginevra was born in La Spezia, a seaside town she feels strongly about.

The work of her father, a Navy Officer, led her to a traveling lifestyle, but not without roots: she feels she belongs to different cities and regions, all the places where she has lived and which have greatly enriched her.

She studied mechanical engineering at the University of Parma, in the campus created thanks to the generosity of entrepreneur and patron Pietro Barilla. After graduation, she began her career with an internship in the quality assurance department of Ferrari F1, a challenging and stimulating path for someone like her, who has always been fond of engines.

When she met the man who would become her husband, her desire to build a family brought her to Lombardy. There she gained experience in other industries and became the mother of Sabrina and Simone, her beloved kids.

As she tells herself, it was a rather odd circumstance that brought her closer to Magic: she walked into Mamy Store – Magic’s outlet – as a customer with the intention of buying diapers for her babies and came out with good feelings starting to run in her mind.
Years later she will recall this episode when applying for the role of Quality Manager, a position she has held since January 2021.

In Magic he found a challenging work environment in which everyone is called upon to give his best:

“I think this is the strength of our company: a great boost to the future. Of course, it is challenging and tiring, but it is invaluable to learn every day and always add something personal to what you do.”

She leads a team of eleven people who are daily committed to guarantee product quality and customer satisfaction.

“Our work is to ensure that the entire production process conforms to standards and to perform systematic checks on products: prevention and system management are essential to provide the quality markets demand.”

Even in the management of his leisure time, Geneva’s thinking is clear:

“As soon as I can, I go back to my sea, whatever the season. I want my children to grow up aquatic as I was at their age and to really embrace the respect for the sea that I learned at the Naval Academy.”

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