Meet Paolo Bonafé, our cutting department provisioning assistant

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Paolo Bonafe

Meet Paolo Bonafé, our cutting department provisioning assistant

From a family originally from the Veneto region, Paolo was born and grew up in Oleggio, a town in the Novara region where our company is based.
His childhood was marked by moments spent in the surrounding countryside, a place that gave him a deep connection with nature.

Paolo’s working career began shortly after finishing secondary school, at a company specializing in processing pig meat. Despite the physical nature of his employment, Paolo still considers this experience to be a fundamental pillar in his personal and professional growth.

He says:

I like working. I get up happy in the morning, knowing that my day will be busy. I have always tried to improve myself and get more job satisfaction.

Paolo joined the Magic team in 1996, when the company had only four operators and three production lines.
Since then, he has had the opportunity to hold various roles and progressed to become the cutting department’s procurement officer, where he is responsible for supplying the material needed for two production shifts.

I enjoy my job and find it rewarding to contribute to process improvement.

Paolo particularly appreciates Magic’s innovative approach, characterized by a constant quest for progress and a willingness to face challenges without ever backing down.

In his leisure time, Paolo finds balance and fulfillment in his family life.
He is married to Paola, his departmental colleague in Magic, who has been his companion since their adolescence: together they have built a solid bond based on mutual support. Together with their children, Nicholas and Arianna, they enjoy special family moments, which Paolo considers to be the most gratifying and joyful part of his day.

Paolo’s passion for breeding birds, especially pigeons, and parakeets, adds another fascinating element to his life. He devotes himself to this activity with a daily commitment, striving to provide the best possible living conditions for his animals.

With patience and care, he selects the most promising specimens, observes the growth of each new arrival, and provides them with a diet that is tailored to their nutritional needs.
In this way, he ensures a safe and comfortable environment for his ‘winged friends’.

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