Meet Paola Piantanida, the beating heart of our customer service

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Meet Paola Piantanida, the beating heart of our customer service

Paola is a DOC Piedmontese, but her heart beats to the vibrant rhythm of Naples, her mother’s hometown.
A blend of cultures for an empathetic, welcoming, and strong-willed personality.

Immediately after high school, she undertook a professional adventure in Milan, where she moved to work in the sales office of a graphic arts company. Living away from home in a big city for the first time is an exciting experience, which allowed her to face new challenges and opportunities.

However, the call of her homeland became stronger and stronger, and Paola decided to come back, happy to re-embrace her family and lifelong friends. She found a job in an intermodal transport company, initially as a shipping officer and later as an executive secretary. This eight-year working experience enabled her to develop valuable skills and to successfully cope with changes and subsequent professional experiences.

In 1995, fate brought her to Magic, which was then a company with only five employees. The work environment was stimulating, everyone did a bit of everything, and this fulfilled Paola’s desire to learn and expand her experience. After working on various tasks, she found her ideal role as a customer service employee: her job is to follow the entire order process, from order receipt to the issuing of the invoice. Her responsibility is to solve problems that may arise along the way and to offer a high-quality and complete service.

What Paola loves about her job is the day-to-day human relationship she builds with her customers, and it is a personal disappointment for her when their expectations are not fully met.
What she appreciates the most about Magic is that the company always stays ahead, is future-oriented, and focuses on sustainability. The long-term vision and the constant search for innovative solutions for future generations are close to her heart.

Collaboration, mutual support, and friendship amongst colleagues are the daily reward and incentive for me to do better.

Paola is married to Marco and is the mother of Marta and Alberto who, having completed their university studies, are ready to take flight.

I tried to pass on to them my passion for adventure and for always seeking new experiences so that they can find their own way and feel fulfilled, even if this should take them far from home.

The whole family shares a great passion for sports, and Paola herself has become involved in various sporting activities.
She loves hiking in the mountains, and dance fitness, which allows her to free her mind through the combination of sports and music.

Her curiosity and appetite for adventure drive her to travel as soon as she can to be immersed in new cultures. Passionate about foreign languages, she always finds pleasure in learning new ones.
Her other recent passion is gardening, which she inherited from her parents. Growing the vegetables and taking care of the plants give her moments of peace of mind and allow her to connect with nature.

Family, work and the various hobbies and passions she nurtures make her life rich and dynamic and satisfy her constant search for new challenges.

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