Meet Alberto Sfenopo, our Quality Laboratory Manager

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alberto sfenopo

Meet Alberto Sfenopo, our Quality Laboratory Manager

Some people manage to turn bad luck into opportunity, transmitting strength and positive energy to the world around them. Alberto Sfenopo is among them.

Our Quality Lab Manager was born in Novara and grew up in nearby Trecate, on the border with Lombardy. After attending classical high school for three years, he chose to work with his father, the owner of a thermo-hydraulic plant engineering company. Even as a boy, he spent summers working in the family business, an experience he found very satisfying. Alberto later took over the business and developed it further.

Everything was going well until 2002 when a car accident at work turned his life upside down: from then on, Alberto lived in a wheelchair.

He tells:

After seven months in the hospital, I had to learn to regain my autonomy and redesign my life. It was difficult, but my wife and my children, who were still very young at that time, gave me the strength to go on.


While still in rehabilitation, Alberto learns about Magic, where a position was available for an employee belonging to protected categories. The vision of a new future gave him the motivation he needed to speed up his recovery.
He left the hospital, entrusted the company to his employees and, in January 2003, embraced the new opportunity, joining the Magic team.

Magic was still a small company with family relationships in those years. There was great cohesion, a great desire to grow and space and trust was given to anyone who wanted to propose improvements.

After six months as a receptionist, Alberto took on increasingly complex tasks. He worked for two years in the purchasing department, which suited his methodical approach. He then discovered his true vocation in the quality laboratory of which he became the manager.

His role consists of certifying the analyses and tests carried out on raw materials and finished products and coordinating the entry into the database of the data collected by the quality staff. He is also responsible for the management, calibration, and maintenance of all laboratory instrumentation.

Setting up the database was complex but extremely satisfying it allowed us 99.9% traceability of the finished product tests.

Alberto’s life beyond his work is rich and intense. He is married to Monica and the father of Daniele and Andrea, who have been his pillars during the most challenging times.

In his spare time, he devotes himself to social work. He is a founding member and vice-president of A.n.c.o.r.a, a non-profit organization set up in 2009 within the Spinal Unit of the Maggiore Hospital in Novara: the association helps people with acquired disabilities, assists them during their hospitalization and, most importantly, when they return to daily life.

Life can change in an instant, becoming irreversibly different. In those moments, the presence of dedicated support is essential. A.n.c.o.r.a was born to be a lighthouse for those who find themselves navigating in stormy waters”.

Alberto is also the founder and president of Ancòra Sport, an association that offers people with disabilities the joy and benefits of sport, with activities ranging from archery to table tennis and wheelchair tennis.

I discovered a new world in sports. It brought me health, boosted my self-confidence, and allowed me to weave new social relationships.
Strangely enough, I had never been a sportsman before!

His words resound with surprise and gratitude. He started practicing archery and, over time, his passion grew so much that he reached the agonistic level. His commitment is reflected in his remarkable list of honors, with six silver and six bronze medals at the national level.

But the list of his interests does not end there.

I like music in general and singing in particular. Since the age of sixteen, I have been part of an opera choir that has given me the opportunity to travel, both in Italy and abroad. I have performed in several musicals as a chorister and soloist, and I also organized one as artistic director to raise funds for the projects of the A.n.c.o.r.a. association.

Alberto’s story is a hymn to strength and perseverance. His presence in the Magic team proves that every obstacle can become an engine for discovery.

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