Meet Milko Sonzogni, our Regulatory Affairs Manager

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Milko Sonzogni Regulatory Affairs Magic Srl

Meet Milko Sonzogni, our Regulatory Affairs Manager

From Bergamo origins, Milko graduated in Chemistry at the University of Milan and has been working in Magic since 2006 after various work experiences, including some abroad.His previous employment – he says – no longer stimulated him: despite an excellent salary and career opportunities, he felt the need for a more fulfilling challenge.

At that time Magic was a small and a less structured organization than it is today.
He began as a quality manager, driving the company to the achievement of the BRC certification, which attests compliance with safety standards for the food industry and he later hold other roles both in production and R&D departments.

In the meanwhile Magic had grown, evolved and reorganized and Milko enthusiastically lived new opportunities and took on the role of head of Regulatory Affairs.

His work consists in responding to customer requests, verifying the suitability of new products, carrying out analyses, following the certification steps and filling out safety data sheets. “I hate repetitiveness,” he says. I love the complexity of my work. You need to study, train and always stay updated”.

He likes Magic’s spirit of innovation: “I find very exciting the continuous research, the will to get involved and the achievement of new goals”. Because of his role he is always connected with his colleagues, with whom he found a worthwhile balance based on listening and mutual respect.

Milko is married to Arianna; they met at the university. They are parents of Nicola, Davide and Maria: “As a father I use to give my children a lot of freedom. I show them the direction, but I let them follow their inclinations and accept burdens and honors of their choices”.

Despite his limited free time, he cultivates many hobbies.
He shares with his daughter Maria the passion for gardening and “do-it-yourseIf”: “I like to fix what is broken”. He loves cooking and keeping fit: “Swimming pool and gym are usual appointments four evening a week. They help me to feel good and to relieve tension”.
Then there are the journeys and an old Moto Guzzi: “A two-wheeler loved by those who, like me, appreciate the contemplative side of life, enjoy the journey, the landscapes and take bends at a slow pace“.

Milko loves human contact and listening to everyone’s ideas: “I like laughing and joking. I think that kidding can always help to overcome the many difficulties we meet every day”.

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