Meet Daniele Apostolo, our graphic designer

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Meet Daniele Apostolo, our graphic designer

Born in Novara, he grew up in Bellinzago Novarese.
He remembers with nostalgia the summer holidays of his childhood at his grandparents’ house in the country, the races in the fields, the passion for tractors, and the games among the bales of hay.


After many Saturday mornings with his mother in the office, where he watched enchanted fax machines, printers, and the first industrial PCs, he decided to study computer science.


After graduation and a variety of odd jobs, his first encounter with communication was in Milan, where he worked as a merchandiser, first on the field following the set-ups directly, and then as coordinator of the data collection teams.


When he got tired of city life, he moved back to his birthplace where he first worked as a digital operator and then as an executive and creative graphic designer at a printing company.
Graphics and information technology fascinated him because of the opportunity they offer in bringing new forms to life.
In 2006 he became a freelancer, specializing in Web communication; these were the years of maximum growth in the sector.


In 2019, he joined Magic as an IT specialist.
He discovers in industry-applied IT a further opportunity for growth: after many years working alone, he found collaboration and sharing with colleagues from all areas a stimulating experience.


When Magic decided to set up an in-house communication department, Daniele’s experience found new spaces and goals.
His task consists of graphic and multimedia design and the management of digital platforms and archives.


I like to create and stimulate emotions in others on an aesthetic and conceptual level. I love transforming ideas into graphic signs intended to remain in time’.


Just as he does with music, his great passion for as long as he can remember.
At the age of thirteen, on his way back from the seaside, he listened to ‘Changes’ on his Walkman. This Yes song ignited new sensations in him; he wondered how he could convey the same emotions to others.
He chose to learn to play the electric bass: 


It is an instrument that plays a fundamental role, a comprimario on which the balance of a piece is held.


He began his musical journey with punk-heavy and at the same time moved into electronic and digital production. Even today, in his limited leisure time, he enjoys playing in a band and creating new music.


His other greatest passion is his family, consisting of Elisabetta and their baby boy Enea.
They equally share the responsibilities of parenthood, and this strengthened their bond: watching Enea’s growth, the building of his personality and his continuous progress is an extraordinary source of joy and gratification for them.

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