Meet Cristina Franzoso, our number one employee

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Meet Cristina Franzoso, our number one employee

Cristina had just graduated when she answered a job ad and met the founder Luciano Giani, who she began to work with.

It is Magic’s pioneering period, where everything is to be built and almost family-like relationships are a breeding ground for good ideas:

“I am grateful, and I feel lucky for the imprinting I got: the passion that I still put in my everyday work is the outcome of those old times. Luciano Giani taught me a lot, professionally and humanly. One very particular point for my job: transparency towards customers, who must be listened to and protected, always”.

Cristina’s job consists in managing the customers’ needs, starting from proceeding the orders and in updating them on the progress, until the goods leave the warehouse.

In her work she loves the dynamism, variety, and direct relationship with people from all over the world, each to be managed in a special way. She likes teamworking, which she shares with Paola and Stefania: “they are both colleagues and friends and our relationships are our relationships are based on great harmony and mutual support”.

She feels uncomfortable if a trouble disappoints the expectations of a customer: “I find unpleasant when – for unforeseen factors – you cannot meet a deadline. In my work and in my life, I always do the impossible to accomplish my every task”.

What’s Cristina’s favourite hobby? “My family”, she replies with a bright smile.Nothing is more important. My mission is to make my family strong and happy”.

She is married to Leo, the great love of her life. They balance each other together and have always shared everything, in a cheerful and positive way.
They are the parents of Gabriele and Riccardo.
The first is a student at the Accademia dei Filodrammatici in Milan; Cristina describes him as “a volcano, because of his resourcefulness and extroversion”.
The second is in the last year of high school and “he is tenacious, thoughtful, but solar like everyone in the family”.

Cristina likes cooking and conviviality with friends. The large garden of her house is her quiet place: she likes being surrounded by plants and flowers and by the many pets living in it.

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