Meet Claudio Sacco, our Area Sales Manager

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Meet Claudio Sacco, our Area Sales Manager

Born in Monferrato, he grew up in the hills and vineyards of a land he feels deeply attached to. He returns to his homeland as soon as he can to find his family and childhood friends.

Claudio was a sport professional. He started playing basketball at the age of eight and played as a professional in different major leagues from 18 to 30 years. He toured Italy and learned to be self-sufficient and independent.
“My experience as a sportsman leads me to apply the same values of teamwork in professional life: commitment, spirit of sacrifice, goal orientation, balance in knowing how to accept defeats and enjoy victories”, he says.

I believe in shared responsibility: when everyone does his best, at the highest possible level, you can achieve great results. And as for the merits, the same goes for mistakes”.

It is a crossroad of destinies the one involving Claudio and Magic. Their common passion for basketball offered the chance to meet on the courts, where Luciano and Mauro Giani (respectively founder and CEO of the company) understood Claudio’ many skills and at the end of his sports career offered him a sales role in the company. For Claudio a new and exciting adventure began.

Today he is Area Sales manager for Western and Southern Europe and for non-EU countries. His job is to understand the needs of customers and find suitable solutions.
In his work he likes to engage with different industries, which one with diverse needs and requests.

He enjoys Magic’s dynamism and the constant search for new solutions to offer customers. He loves teamworking and the relationship with colleagues: “Some of them taught me a lot, they helped me in growing professionally. For my part, I try to create value, through collaboration, communication, and support“.

In his private life, after years travelling around Italy, Claudio found a steady point in Agnese: “She is my balance, my safe harbor”. Today they live in Baveno, on the Piedmont side of Lake Maggiore, with Carlotta and Samuele, their children.

Claudio likes his quiet and simple lifestyle, especially being with friends and the loved ones. Every day he remembers the wise words in Piedmont dialect of his grandfather Pietro, who died on the threshold of a hundred years: “A l’è mac le muntagne c’a s’ancuntru nen”. Only the mountains never meet.

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