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Mara Galli e Mauro Giani, amministratori delegati di Magic (2)

News about us in Nonwovens Industry

In the latest issue of Nonwovens Industry, the reference magazine for the nonwoven sector, an article deals with the collaboration between Magic and Campen Machinery A/S, the Danish company specialised in the design and installation of industrial airlaid plants.

In the interview Mauro Giani retraces the stages of this successfull collaboration, from the reasons that led to the choice of Camper as a supplier, up to the realization of  Airgel, Magic’s ecological airlaid with no chemical additives.

Our need was to produce a new kind of high-absorbing and sustainable airlaid containing Spongel. After Spongel development, we focused our efforts on the application of the powder in the airlaid material, and we realized that we needed to be able to control the whole production process.”

Campen had great airlaid machinery knowledge and the right competence and experience with combining sustainable product development and high-quality machinery. Giani says:

“We looked for a supplier with experience within airlaid lines who we could form a technical partnership with. We found that with the Campen team.”

The Campen airlaid line was delivered in late 2019, but because of the pandemic the start-up of the machinery was running smoothly and it was not possible to complete the airlaid production line before June 2021. Giani states: :

“Unfortunately, the Covid emergency has lengthened the start-up times, but Campen has always proved to be available and open to find effective solutions to limit the critical issues caused by the limitations imposed by the pandemic. The high-tech airlaid machine from Campen transformed us from a converting company into a production company, as well as making it possible for us to create Airgel, a very exclusive and innovative product with Spongel.” 

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