Airgel g-grade: answers to frequently asked questions about compostable airlaid

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Airgel g-grade FAQ

Airgel g-grade: answers to frequently asked questions about compostable airlaid

When an innovation hits the market, it necessarily arouses great curiosity and interest. Airgel g-grade is no exception.

It is a compostable airlaid representing the latest result of Magic’s sustainable innovation; it combines an outstanding absorbent efficiency, a much sought-after feature in the food packaging and personal care industries.

In this article we answer frequently asked questions, offering a clear view of the value and application potential of this revolutionary airlaid.


What is Airgel g-grade?

Airgel g-grade is a compostable and eco-friendly airlaid. Designed to offer high absorption levels, it does not contain any chemical additives, while providing excellent performance. It is an example of the commitment to research and innovation in the field of absorbent materials.

How did Airgel g-grade come about?

This innovative airlaid from Magic was born out of years of research and development. A decisive moment came in 2015 with the launch of Spongel, a super-absorbent, compostable powder with no chemical additives. From here, thanks to the implementation of a dedicated plant, Airgel was born, a new grade of airlaid that later led to the development of Airgel g-grade and then to g-pad, an absorbent pad for food packaging. Unlike traditional absorbent materials, which use thermo-plastic fibers and chemical finishes, Airgel g-grade only uses fibers of sustainable and renewable origin. While offering the same performance as super-absorbent products on the market, it has undoubted ecological advantages.

How does Airgel g-grade differ from competing products?

Airgel g-grade is a fully compostable airlaid. This means that at the end of its life cycle, it can be disposed of together with household organic waste for industrial composting.

How does Airgel g-grade represent an innovation in the industry?

Airgel g-grade represents a significant step in the search for environmentally sustainable absorbent solutions. Its high-performance absorbent capacity without the use of chemical additives makes it unique in the industry. Furthermore, its compostability opens new possibilities for recycling and waste management, helping to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.


How is Airgel g-grade produced?

Airgel g-grade is produced by Magic in its continuous-cycle plant in Oleggio, province of Novara (in northern Piedmont). The plant was inaugurated in 2020, adding the production of absorbent raw materials to the main converting activity.

In which areas can Airgel g-grade be used?

Airgel g-grade is extremely versatile and has applications in various sectors. In the food industry, it can be used as an absorbent pad in packaging to ensure the integrity and freshness of packaged food. In personal care, as an absorbent core for managing body fluids in products such as nappies and adult pads.

Is Airgel g-grade suitable for use in hygiene products?

Yes, Airgel g-grade is suitable for use in absorbent personal care products such as nappies, feminine pads, and incontinence pads. Its high absorbency and chemical-free composition make it an excellent choice for skin contact applications.

Can I customize Airgel g-grade to my specific needs?

Of course! We can work with you to develop customized solutions in terms of format and absorption capacity to meet your specific needs. Contact us to present your company’s needs and find out how we can help you.


What are the environmental benefits of using Airgel g-grade?

The use of Airgel g-grade brings significant environmental benefits. Designed with a strong focus on environmental sustainability, this airlaid is fully compostable and can be disposed of with household organic waste for industrial composting. Its compostability reduces the volume of waste going to landfills, while the lack of chemical additives in its production helps reduce microplastic pollution. Airgel g-grade represents a sustainable choice that helps to reduce the ecological footprint in its application areas.

What ecological guarantees does Airgel g-grade offer?

Airgel g-grade, certified compostable by TÜV Austria, uses only sustainable fibers, excluding the use of thermoplastic fibers and chemical finishes of traditional absorbent materials. The result of an innovative process started with Spongel, the new airlaid encourages simpler, more conscious recycling of waste and stimulates a more environmentally friendly approach. It is an evolution that goes beyond reducing environmental impact, aiming to spread a more mature ecological approach.

What is the difference between biodegradability and compostability?

Biodegradability refers to the ability of a material to be naturally broken down and decomposed by microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, or other living creatures) in the environment. When a material is biodegradable, it decomposes into smaller pieces over time to become a simple substance that can be assimilated by nature without causing pollution.
Compostability is a specific form of biodegradability. A material is considered compostable if it can be transformed into compost, a material rich in soil nutrients, through a controlled decomposition process. Composting is a process in which biodegradable materials are placed in a suitable environment together with other organic materials and are decomposed by microorganisms to create a final product, i.e. compost. While all compostable materials are also biodegradable, not all biodegradable materials are compostable, as composting requires a controlled environment to produce the compost.

Is Airgel g-grade safe for use in products intended for newborns and children?

Airgel g-grade is designed to be safe for all uses, including products intended for babies and children. Its eco-friendly nature and absence of chemical additives make it an excellent choice for use in delicate products such as nappies.


Airgel g-grade is not just a product, it is a symbol of commitment to a sustainable future. It is a testimony that efficiency and sustainability can go hand in hand, generating innovative, green solutions. This is the direction of the future, a path that Magic is tracing together with its customers, day after day: an extraordinary journey towards a more human-friendly world.



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