Spongel: a step forward in eco-friendly absorption

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Spongel: a step forward in eco-friendly absorption

The Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) industry stands at a crossroads between the need for performance and environmental sustainability, with a growing market and an increasing demand for hygienic products.

Manufacturers of traditionally petroleum-derived and chemical polymer-based materials are now faced with an urgent need to adopt greener practices. With forecasts indicating an increase in the SAP market to $18.16 billion by 2030, there’s a critical need for sustainable solutions.

Magic’s response to the growing need for sustainability in the SAP industry is Spongel, a biodegradable and compostable super absorbent powder. Thanks to its formulation, Spongel paves the way towards a future where absorbent products are both effective and environmentally friendly.


How is Spongel made?

Composed of 85% organic material, it is characterized by a free swell absorption capacity in saline solution up to 70 g/g. Its liquid retention capacity, about 35 g/g after centrifugation, makes it comparable to acrylic SAPs but with the advantage of a lower environmental impact.
Spongel’s technical properties represent a qualitative leap in the industry and attest to Magic’s commitment to lower environmental impact.

The technical properties of Spongel represent a qualitative leap in the sector and attest to Magic’s commitment to more sustainable solutions.


Awards and certifications

Spongel’s quality and innovation have been widely appreciated, including first prize at the Index Awards in Geneva in the “Raw Materials and Innovation” category.
The OK Compost certification obtained in 2020 further enhances its acceptance and appreciation in the industry, confirming Spongel as a first-rate choice for those seeking sustainable solutions.



Spongel’s applications far extend beyond the traditional boundaries of SAPs, highlighting its versatility and innovativeness. One of its most important applications is Airgel g-grade, the airlaid produced by Magic for compostable pads for food packaging and as the absorbent core in hygiene products.

Certified OK Compost, Airgel g-grade is designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions that reduce the food industry’s environmental footprint.
Its unique capacity to absorb liquids while maintaining food freshness makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from the preservation of fresh meat and fish to the packaging of fruits and vegetables.

Spongel is also suitable for applications in agriculture, where it can significantly contribute to water retention, improving water use efficiency and supporting plant growth in drought conditions or on less fertile soils. Spongel’s capacity to absorb and retain large amounts of water results in lower crop water requirements, a very significant advantage in times of climate change and water crises.


Spongel represents a fundamental advancement in the evolution of SAPs, combining exceptional performance with a genuine commitment to sustainability.


More information on our web site: https://magic-spa.com/en/spongel/




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