Magic presents Airgel, an eco-friendly airlaid with no chemical additives

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Inaugurazione impianti Airgel Magic Srl

Magic presents Airgel, an eco-friendly airlaid with no chemical additives

On Saturday September 12th at Magic headquarters in Oleggio took place the opening event of AIRGEL, a new plant for the production of an innovative biodegradable and compostable non-woven cellulose fabric. In the presence of regional, provincial and local authorities, trade associations and financial partners, CEOs Mara Galli and Mauro Giani presented the new industrial plant for the production of an absorbing cellulose non-woven fabric (AIRLAID) that does not contain chemical additives commonly found in traditional AIRLAID, while ensuring the same performance levels.
The new line is a fully computerized 4.0 industrial plant that requires the presence of only 2 operators in turn. At full capacity (3 shifts over 7 days) it is able to produce 4,000 tons of airlaid per year.
The new super absorbent AIRLAID consists mainly of cellulose, a small percentage of natural-derived inorganic two-component fibres and, most importantly, it contains Spongel, a patented biodegradable super-absorbent powder, the result of Magic’s long and attentive research and development process..

In 2015 the company deeply believed in a university study aimed at the production of a super absorbent powder of natural origin and, in a few years, has implemented and tested a process and a production plant that, at full capacity, is able to produce 1,500 tons of Spongel per year.
Spongel won the first prize at Edana Index Awards 2017 in “Raw materials and Innovation” category, the highest award for the best examples of excellence in the industry. In early 2020 it was certified OK COMPOST.

The first Magic product containing Spongel is Mottyno, the baby diaper, which was launched on the market last June. The product is named after Motty, the mountain mascot that symbolizes the territory, the Mottarone, a friendly friend of children always engaged in many social initiatives, especially aimed at children.

“Magic’s entrepreneurial history didn’t stop at the market results it had acquired,” says MAURO GIANI.” 5 years ago we decided to take an important step, to create a high-tech and world-exclusive cellulosic-based raw material; we feel like a young company, we have the enthusiasm of a start-up and our R&D department is always looking for something new. It’s a very ambitious project but thanks to the enthusiasm of our staff we are sure it will be successful.”

MARA GALLI addresses a moving thought to the founder of the company Luciano Giani :

”Today’s ceremony has a great symbolic value for us and it is intended to be a hearthfelt thank to the one who over time indicated our vision and mission and the values, the identity symbols of the family business. […] At a time when everything seems to be lacking and uncertain, we believe in this investment and we want to instill trust in the people around us and in the people who work with us, knowing that thanks to the growth of our company we will be able to generate development employment that will bring benefits to our community and territory.”

The following speeches of MATTEO MARNATI – Regional Councilor for environement, energy, innovation and research, MICHELA LEONI – Vicepresident of the Province of Novara and ANDREA BALDASSINI – Mayor of Oleggio, underlined the entrepreneurial excellence of Magic, to which the local authorities should not forget to give support, as a precious resource and example for the whole community. They also recalled the commitment made in many social and solidarity initiatives, particularly during the recent Covid emergency with the spontaneous donation of funds, tissues and masks to various organizations and local bodies.

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