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Mottyno, il pannolino ecologico

Mottyno, new eco-friendly baby diaper is pleased to announce the launch of Mottyno.

Mauro Giani, CEO of Magic, the parent company and owner of brand, tells us about it.

“In 2015 a university study showed the possibility of producing a super absorbent powder without chemical additives:  Magic deeply believed in the project and in a few years implemented and tested a process and an industrial plant to produce it. This is where Spongel is given birth, thwas patented and got OK Compost certification.

For Mamy, the well-being of the whole family has always been at the center, even more so for the little ones, that’s why we  thought of appling the new formula in baby diapers: it was time to become innovators and invest  on research and development for products too.

Mottyno is a unique eco-friendly diaper that helps nature! The product takes its name from Motty, Mottarone’s mountain mascot. It is a cute wolf cub, the best friend of children and always involved in many social project. Buying Mottyno diapers will support several initiatives dedicated to childhood ”.

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