Meet Luca Lavazza, our R&D Manager

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Meet Luca Lavazza, our R&D Manager

He comes from Palata Pepoli, a small town near Modena, then he moved to Legnano (Milan) when he was still a child.
Luca’s personality inherited the distinctive convivial and talkative traits of the Emilian people: “At the table, in addition to good food, I enjoy the chatter of people”, he says. “I love listening to stories. I am a curious person; I think you always learn something from others”.

After high school he enrolled in Chemical Engineering. Despite the excellent results, three years later he realized that the rigidity of the university studies limited his desire to learn from practical experiences. He dropped out and worked first as a bartender, then as a municipal employee, he gave private tutoring and collaborated with professional associations. Luca jumped from a job to another when he felt the lack of incentives to learning and personal growth.

He started attending a textile R&D course and he is immediately fascinated by the subject. In 2016 he joined Magic for a six-month internship and soon realized that the company’s activities can satisfy his desire to measure itself with different challenges every day.

Luca’s resourcefulness found a way to emerge, so much that he was offered a permanent contract as a quality laboratory assistant.
The rest is a succession of increasingly qualified roles and tasks, until becoming R&D Manager.

“It was not easy at the beginning, but my curiosity and enthusiasm were helpful, as were Marco and Milko, colleagues and mentors, who were always available to share their knowledge”.

For his role he is engaged on two different fronts.
As for the development, he is committed to listening to customers’ needs and observing the markets, to improve the existing products.
The research commitment is more project-oriented and is based on feasibility studies that have to match with business goals.

He loves teamworking:

” It’s a real-life experience to have a common goal and to build a project realize it. In my opinion, company teamworking follows the same rules of soccer, which is my great passion since childhood: vision, intuition, fairness and knowing how to seize the moment to provide an assist to teammates”.

Besides work, many interests fill Luca’s life: guitar, rock music, cooking and Milan FC, his favourite team.
He proudly lives being a citizen of his town; as a member of Legnarello district, from his boyhood he has been devoting himself to many activities for the organization of the Palio di Legnano.
This is the historical re-enactment of the battle that took place, in 1176, between the troops of the Lombard League and the imperial army of Frederick Barbarossa.

Among the main point of his life are his parents, his partner Silvia, his lifetime friends, the memories and trips to the places of his childhood. And the sea, of which – he says – “… I feel an almost physical need”.

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