Women, Work, and Solidarity: Mara Galli and API Donna at the Rotary Club Valsesia Event

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Women, Work, and Solidarity: Mara Galli and API Donna at the Rotary Club Valsesia Event

An homage to female entrepreneurship with the presentation of the book “Women of Taste. Recipes for Success” by API Donna. An event focused on gender equality and women’s rights.

Last March 8th, the Rotary Club Valsesia organized an event in collaboration with the Inner Wheel Valsesia, Soroptimist di Valsesia, Rotaract, and Rotary Club Gattinara to discuss female entrepreneurship in the area. The event was also attended by Marco Castelli, Assistant Governor in the Rotary District 203, together with Laura Travaini, President of API Donna since 2014, an association that brings together female entrepreneurs from the provinces of Novara, VCO, and Vercelli.

During the evening, the book “Women of Taste. Recipes for Success” was presented, published by API Donna in the summer of 2021. The volume collects the stories and family recipes of nineteen female entrepreneurs. Mara Galli and Monica De Taddei shared the experience behind the book, highlighting the importance of collaboration, solidarity, and networking among women.

These are the words of Mara Galli, CEO of Magic, API member, and Rotarian of the Rotary Club Borgomanero:

“By combining professional and family history in a recipe, the book emphasizes the balance between work and family. The nineteen stories tell the motivations of the entrepreneurs, linking past, present, and future in a path of success and hope.”

The proceeds from the book will be donated to the Valsesia Onlus Foundation and will contribute to the purchase of a machine for the prevention of cervical cancer at the Maggiore Hospital in Novara.

During the event, topics such as gender equality, the history of women’s right to vote in Italy, and progress towards substantive equality were discussed. Eugenia Borzone, President of Soroptimist Valsesia, joined the campaign “Walking in Different Shoes for Gender Equality” by wearing shoes of different colors, symbolizing the persistent inequalities between men and women. Fiorella Di Marco Proietti, President of Inner Wheel Valsesia, emphasized the need to pursue substantive gender equality, in addition to formal equality, while Patrizia Rizzolo, President of Rotary Club Valsesia, underscored the fundamental importance of women for the future of society and for new generations.

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