Eco-sustainability: Magic gets PEFC certification

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Eco-sustainability: Magic gets PEFC certification

Magic got PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certification, a transparent system for assessing the sustainability of forest management together with a system of traceability of timber and paper, from tree cutting to the finished product.

PEFC certification was born to preserve tropical forests and to promote local timber as long as it is cut in properly managed woods. It ensures that wood and paper products come from legal and sustainable sources.

PEFC is supported by environmental organizations, trade unions, public bodies, forest owners and managers, professionals, academics, timber traders and by manufacturers and sellers of paper and wood products.

The certification ensures that the wood raw material for paper and wood products comes from sustainably managed forests.
Certified forests are regularly inspected by independent inspectors according to the following requirements:

to preserve the forest as a habitat for animals and plants

to maintain the protective function of forests against water, soil, and climate

-to protect the biodiversity of forest ecosystems

– to provide that the cutting of plants is done in respect of the natural growth rate of the forest, and considering that the deforested areas will be reforested or preferably naturally regenerated and renewed

to defend the rights and health of workers

to promote short chains

to secure the rights of indigenous peoples and forest owners.

PEFC-branded products thus contribute to the forest sustainable management around the world, help in protecting forests for present and future generations, promote responsible timber supply and prevent illegal deforestation.



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