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Collaboration e innovation to meet customers needs

In the absorbent materials market, Magic wants to stand out for its skill to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of its customers.
Through a collaborative approach and a costant commitment to innovation, we aim to be a strategic partner for companies in the food packaging, medical, and personal care industries, to ensure solutions that meet specific needs.


Our idea of collaboration: listening and customizing

Collaboration with customers for us starts from active listening.
Through direct contacts, we gather feedback and detailed information on our partners’ needs, expectations, and challenges. This allows us to customize products and services to their specific requests, offering customized solutions that can possibly exceed their expectations.

Customer- driven innovation

Product innovation has always been a cornerstone in our research and development strategy, but we have never pursued this process only in-house. We have always sought to involve our clients in this journey, turning feedback and ideas into new solutions, as well as into upgrades of existing products. This collaborative approach ensures that each new product is not only on the cutting-edge of technology but also as closely aligned as possible with the real market trends.

Sustainability and shared responsibility

Sustainability is a key value for us, as it is for most of our customers.
We therefore enjoy working together to develop solutions that reduce the environmental footprint and promote responsible business practices.
This shared commitment to eco-sustainability not only responds to the growing consumer demand for green products but also helps in strengthening the reputation and competitiveness of our clients in their related markets.

Ongoing support and shared growth

Our idea of collaboration begins at the pre-sale stage and involves all those departments that can maximize the effectiveness and value of the products over time: sales, R&D, regulatory affairs, customer service, quality, production and logistics are involved to be at the customer’s side and to offer continuous support.

A collaborative ecosystem 

We perceive our clients as partners in a collaboration ecosystem, where shared success is the ultimate goal. Through active listening, customization, customer-driven innovation, and a shared commitment to sustainability, we want collaboration to be the key to meeting market needs and ensuring long-term results for us and our customers.
We want to be increasingly committed to building stronger and more productive relationships, based on trust, innovation, and a focus on sustainability issues.

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