Airgel g-grade, the compostable airlaid has arrived

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Airgel g-grade, the compostable airlaid has arrived


There’s something new in the Magic world: Airgel g-grade, the biodegradable and compostable airlaid, certified OK Compost.

What’s compostability?
It’s the power of organic materials to turn into compost through the composting process. The process exploits the biodegradability of the basic organic materials, generally waste, which become compost through their disintegration and biodegradation in the presence of oxygen. Mature compost is similar to fertile soil and due to its richness in organic substances it is used as a fertilizer.

Creating this new airlaid is the latest step in our company’s approach to eco-sustainability.

Many hours of R&D, along with significant prior expertise, led to a first turning point in 2015 with the release of Spongel, the super absorbent compostable powder with no chemical additives, also certified OK Compost by TUV Austria.

The production plant is then planned and implemented for the development of advanced absorbent materials. It was a fundamental step in the evolving process that led us to innovate the airlaid industry with Airgel g-grade.

Until now, the structure of absorbent materials implied the aid of thermoplastic fibres and, in general, of chemical finishing; Magic’s new airlaid only uses fibres of sustainable and renewable origin.

Magic’s CEO Mauro Giani comments:

“We are proud to have got the OK Compost certification for Airgel g-grade too. Environmental labelling encourages conscious and safe choices because an independent body guarantees the sustainability of the product. OK Compost certification states that the product is compostable on the basis of scientific and selective criteria. I am convinced that companies today have a fundamental role and responsibility for the environmental protection”.

The absorption performance is the same as for the super absorbent products usually available in the market but with undeniable benefits for the environment.

Airgel g-grade shows different possible fields of application: from food to agriculture, from medical to hygiene and personal care.

R&D Manager Luca Lavazza remarks:

“Producing this compostable airlaid involved many hours of research and development. It was immediately clear from the beginning what the goal was, it was instead more difficult to find the way to get there. I must say, however, that through the development of an important know how, an excellent teamwork, the sharing of our skills and a lot of enthusiasm we got there. We are very satisfied”.

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