Absorbent pads for fruit: how to choose them?

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Absorbent pads for fruit: how to choose them?

Absorbent pads applied to berries trays help in absorbing and retaining condensation and released juices.
Fluid drainage not only improves product presentation, but also reduces the risk of mould and inhibits bacterial growth, then increasing the shelf life of the packaged fresh product.
A further benefit is that pads act as a mechanical protection, reducing pressure on contact points, with considerable advantages in terms of logistics, storage and product preservation.

In short, the main benefits of using absorbent pads for fruit are as follows:

  • They guarantee the quality and safety of fresh fruit in the producer-consumer chain
  • They allow optimal preservation and extend product life, without the use of chemical preservation agents or additives
  • They improve the sensory and nutritional qualities of food
  • They reduce food and packaging materials waste
  • They make logistics systems easier and more flexible by extending product shelf-life
Magic has developed and optimized over time several absorbent pad solutions for fruit in cardboard or plastic punnets and trays, suitable to different packaging processes.
All pads are available in a wide range of colors and formats (cut, shaped or in reels), comply with food contact standards and respond to the increasing demands of the fruit and vegetable industry in terms of sustainability.
logo g-pad con ok_compost
The OK Compost-certified compostable fruit pad, conceived and developed according to the principles of the circular economy, so that at the end of its life cycle it can be disposed with household organic waste for industrial composting.
G-pad simplifies end-consumers’ experience by supporting proper recycling.
The outer, micro-perforated, trilobed compostable film ensures perfect and immediate drainage of liquids, by capturing them in the absorbent core and preventing their spillage. The absorbent core is made of highly absorbent airlaid, which is also compostable.

Paperpad is a cellulose-based plastic-free absorbent pad, which contains only 1% plastic and therefore can be recycled with the paper stream.
It is optimized for cardboard punnets and trays and is suitable for different application processes; the addition of sorbate helps to extend fruit shelf life.
The embossed tissue on both sides enables a quick absorption of liquids released by the fruit, preventing mould formation and inhibiting microbiological growth.

fruitbond logo

Fruitbond is a milestone product in Magic range, an ever-evolving, extremely flexible fruit pad that meets a wide variety of application needs.
The hot drilling technology combined with the hot bonding process allows the product to absorb more liquid and faster, giving it technical properties that make it unique.
The special embossed surface is particularly useful in case the trays are placed on an inclined surface.

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