Magic rewards its employees and starts the production of safety masks

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Magic rewards its employees and starts the production of safety masks

An important recognition in such a particular moment. Mauro Giani and Mara Galli, managing directors of Magic S.r.l., have chosen to say “thanks” to all their employees who, in the midst of Covid-19 emergency, continue to guarantee their presence in the company.

In support of all its employees and their families, Magic pays a net premium of 500 euros and takes out an insurance against Coronavirus.

The company, in fact, included in the agri-food and medical supply chains, continues its work relentlessly, thanks to all the employees who hold their respective duties. MAGIC immediately adopted an internal containment protocol that allowed the workers to operate in absolute safety in every space and moment of the working day.

Given the constant shortage of personal protective devices, Magic has also decided to take a further step: in the next few days the production of face masks will start. They are made of a material that the company already produces and which is used in hospitals as single-use clothes and that is suitable for the production of masks. The same material that has been donated, in recent weeks, to several Municipalities, Organizations and Associations as a fundamental support in the production of masks.

“At such a particular time we believe that everyone should take their responsibility for the good of others. In our own little way we have always tried act like this and even more we feel like doing it right now “, say the CEOs Mauro Giani and Mara Galli” Our collaborators are present and their work is essential to continue to give life to the supply chains in which we are inserted. We have always thought that a company is made by the people who work there and, even more, by their special features: we are proud to count on such a team!“.

Not only attention to people, but also to the territory: a few weeks ago, in fact, the donation of 10,000 euros to the Ospedale Maggiore della Carità in Novara, through the Casa Alessia association to support this health battle.

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